Case Study

Improved Patient Adherence For Antimalarial Suspension

When it comes to treating malaria, patient adherence is crucial for ensuring the success of the treatment. Unfortunately, in Africa, one of our products – Artemether and Lumefantrine suspension – was struggling with low patient adherence due to the unpleasant flavor of the suspension.
However, we weren’t about to let that stand in the way of helping our patients.
So, we took this challenge to our R&D team, determined to find a solution. We were delighted when they delivered this amazing result – by improving the flavor of the suspension to a delicious banana taste and patient adherence soared.
But we didn’t stop there – we also added a palatable apple flavor to the lineup, making our antimalarial suspension not only effective, but also enjoyable for patients.
It’s moments like these that remind us of the power of collaboration and innovation.

Enhanced Palatability And Patient Compliance For Alpha Ketoanalogue Plus Essential Amino Acid Tablets

When it comes to taking medication, palatability and patient compliance are key factors in ensuring its success. Unfortunately, our Alpha ketoanalogue plus essential amino acid tablets were struggling in this regard due to a unique problem – after taking the medicine, patients experienced an However, we did not want that to become a hindrance in our way to help our patients.
So, we got creative and incorporated a delicious butterscotch flavor into the tablets. And just like that, the problem was solved – patients no longer had to endure unpleasant smells, and compliance with the medication increased. It’s small changes like these that can make a big difference in patient care.

Reaching the Underserved Sections

When Globela first began operations in Africa, we knew that we wanted to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible.
However, we quickly realized that there were certain parts of the continent that were being left behind when it came to accessing high-quality healthcare. Many people simply couldn’t afford the medications they needed, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.
We partnered with missionaries and churches in the area and began providing free medications to those in need. It was a simple yet effective solution that allowed us to reach even the most remote and underserved corners of Africa.
Most importantly, it made all the difference in the world for those who were struggling to get the care they needed.

Helping Community, Nation and Environment beyond medicines

Giving back to the community, society and our nation is always on our list of priorities. Our focus areas are strengthening communities, improving health and conserving the environment. Apart from our foundational aim of making high quality pharmaceutical products accessible and affordable for the underserved, we also conduct community-based programs that enhance access to health care facilities and check ups for those who are not able to avail them. We organize blood donation camps and medical check up camps as a part of our community based services. We understand the pressing need of protecting our precious environment. We organize huge plantation drives to contribute towards environment sustainability as well as increase awareness towards it. As part of our giving back program, we contribute in the nation building activities through contribution to multiple Prime Minister funds and Government initiatives for overall development of our nation Bharat (India).
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